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Know What You Want

Sometimes, we think we know all the answers. However, that doesn’t mean we’ve been asked all the questions!

Are you a college student graduating with a BS in engineering? Maybe you graduated a while ago, but are still running around like a headless chicken searching for a job. Perhaps you’re a professional who’s been in the business for a few years, but are still searching for the recipe to a thriving engineering career. But…do you even know what you want your career to look like?

But…do you even know what you want your career to look like?

Can you handle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Here it is. You surely know that an education in engineering is one of the most robust and demanding of all. You weave your way through the first overwhelming two years of math, physics, science, and of course, your last two years of specialty classes. Come graduation, you think you are set for life.

Because I have what it takes to make it through my studies, I also have what it takes to make it in the real world.

Sorry folks – but this is not necessarily the case. you graduate, a whole new world is at your fingertips. There are options, decisions, and a few more decisions at every turn. What job should you take? Which path should you pursue? How do you make the right decisions for the right reasons? Imagine being stranded in the ocean with only one piece of wood. Your sole lifeline. You could start floating and cross your fingers and toes that you’ll end up in the place you need to be.
Or, you could start swimming towards an island that you already have in your mind. But…how tired will you be by the time you’ve chased all those rainbows?

Or, you could build your own boat; filling it with all the bells and whistles you need to navigate your way around like a boss. You could activate the most compatible path quickly and easily. Why? Because you’re an engineer, and you’ll never abandon your boat. We mean, CAREER. You can keep it clean and shiny at all times (AKA: marketable) so that you will still always have the ability to explore different islands if push comes to shove. This is just the beginning. If you’re ready to unearth what you truly want your engineering career to look like (BEFORE you start drowning in job applications and your boat sinks) this section is for you.

Be sure to check out the slide deck: “Get a Clear Vision of What You Want”. Seriously, you’ll be amazed to see just how many options you are surrounded by. This slide deck contains visuals of various work places, both interior and exterior, project sites etc. Begin with a 3Q exercise, and take the online StrengthsFinder assessment. This will help you to isolate your top 5 talents (we all have them) and work out how to use them to the max.

You’ll also be able to unlock your Myers and Briggs type, create a priority list, and even complete the Organization Compatibility Matrix so you know exactly what kind of organization is the best fit for your needs –professionally and personally. Finish this section by putting together a vision board. Yes, we went there. No, it’s not voodoo. We’ll get there. Trust us!


Get What You Want

You know how the saying goes. If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your whole life…

…But first, you need to know what you want. We hope you finished reading the first section. Great! You know what you want. But…hold the phone. What does that mean? You now understand your desires and expectations from your future workplace. You also have a sense of how you want your engineering career to look 3 to 5 years from now.

Most importantly, you’re anxious to start whipping out those job applications. Relax – in this section, you can access all the tools you need to get on the right track.

Just follow the instructions and craft your strengths-based resume and cover letter. How? By choosing from a variety of tested templates, proven to be successful by real engineers. Go on to create your elevator pitch, develop interview techniques, put your interview questions to the test (there are hundreds to choose from) and of course, find the most reputable engineering job sites on the net. You can even use a salary calculator and facts to make informed decisions during those heart-palpitating post-interview negotiations.


Be Marketable

Preparation is the key to everything in life. Without preparation, there is only failure.

Do you have the tools you need to beat your competitors when building your deliciously satisfying and successful engineering career?

“What? Competitors? I’m not in a race.”

Did you just say this? Stop right there. When applying for the job you want – you will be. In a race, we mean. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people eyeing the same position as you are. AKA, they ARE your competitors. If you work for a company like Intel, Boeing or Microsoft, and they are going through a surge of layoffs, every person at every turn IS…A…COMPETITOR!

Take a chill pill – and listen. The best tool you can have at your disposal is to be #MARKETABLE! Part of this involves getting certifications that align with your career goals. The other part involves educating yourself on vital soft-skills that they didn’t teach you back when you were studying. Again, you NEED to know what you WANT!

Are you planning or managing a JOB…or a CAREER?

“What’s the difference?”

We’re so glad you asked.

  • Dedicated to fulfilling your jobly duties
  • Not clear on where you want to progress to (beyond your current position)
  • Concerned about job security


  • Working towards a bigger goal; like getting your professional engineering license (PE), Project Management Professional Certificate (PMP), Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, or any other credentials that will give you an unbridled competitive edge.
  • Taking the RIGHT training opportunities at work NOW, so you won’t need to waste time twiddling your thumbs at irrelevant training sessions.
  • Confident that, whatever happens, you will always land on your feet like a cat. From the dodgy economy to the company’s fluctuating finances, overseas relocation, hurricanes…you’re set.
  • Aware of the unlimited opportunities around you, so you can always make the most profitable move possible.
  • Always in-the-zone when it comes to attracting the best opportunities, all day every day.

In this section, you will gain access to step-by-step instructions on how to unleash your inner professional engineer, and how to become a Certified Project Manager. You’ll also find an incredible tool (Career Tracker) to monitor all your experiences, knowledge and skills. You can also access our up-to-date list of resources, so you can work on improving your soft skills. Focus on your EQ.


…Well, you’ll just have to sign up to find out now, won’t you?

Oh, and don’t forget – check back to this section on a regular basis. We’re always adding cool new material, and we’d hate to see you miss out. ENJOY!